Aseptic packaging, developed in the early 1960s, revolutionized the storage of liquid food products (milk, kefir, juices, wine, sauces, pastes, etc.) and especially baby food. The secret of success lies in the fact that not only the product and packaging material are sterilized, but also the equipment on which the process is carried out.

The so-called "STO milk" (STO - ultra-high temperature treatment) is processed at a temperature of 135-150 ° C for three seconds; Aseptically packed in an intact bag, it retains its nutritional properties and vitamins for more than three months at room temperature.

Aseptic bags of various shapes are made from combined materials using cardboard or high-density paper, high-pressure polyethylene and foil. For sterilization, liquid hydrogen peroxide is used in combination with heating the product to about 140 ° C.

Products in aseptic packaging are preserved much better than in many others, so its use is increasing every year.